How to get rid of acne fast

How to get rid of pimples fast

Acne is one of the biggest issues we have with our bodies that start in adolescence and can last into our mid thirties. Blemishes on my face was also another big issue when it came to acne.

Because modern beauty standards have put value into clear skin, as well, always wanting the get rid of acne fast; as soon as it comes is; now the preference and we tend to want to squeezer hose unsightly zits.


Why am I getting acne?

As a full grown adult, I expected to be somewhat immune to getting really bad acne but that was not the case after I had my son.

It seemed that once I got rid of the extra hormones.

I had also started breaking out all over my skin, mainly the chin and forehead area.

I thought I had gotten rid of my acne, but it started to come back after I had my first child.

I was 30 years old at the time and had kept my face clean for a while but did not have to buy expensive products like I did when I was in my teen age years when I was hitting puberty.

Suddenly once I had my baby boy, my acne had started to come back and hit me just as hard.

My self esteem lowered drastically, and I was trying to find all types of ways that will help me get rid of the acne fast.

I had acne all over my chin and forehead.

I would get them in other spots but around those areas would have been the worst. Due to me popping them, I started to get smaller bumps that would just create more problems.

I started to realize that we should not pop our pimples until they are ready or if they are just too noticeable for other people to see. When I did pop them, I used a pin point. I would soak it in warm water first to get rid of any of the bacteria and then gently pin prick my pimple.

Does Toothpaste get rid of pimples?

One of the first things I tried was Toothpaste. I decided to go read about it and put it on, trying it for a few days, but it made it worse.

I never knew toothpaste dries out your skin and can really damage it over time.

It is possible that the reasoning behind this method would be one of the active ingredients of the house hold essential.

Toothpaste had benzoyl peroxide, which is what a lot of skin care products use, but Toothpaste has additional ingredients including an abrasive that also does harm to your skin in the long run.

Because of all the other ingredients, it will hurt and irritate the skin and in my case, cause a lot of redness and pain. So, I would avoid using toothpaste on your face.

pimple problems

My second approach to getting rid of acne at home.

After dealing with the first failed approach home remedy with the toothpaste, I started to find other ways of getting rid of acne with home products or cheaper alternatives to the skin care products.

I tried out honey. I used it as a face mask because honey can help clear your pores and remove the excess oil on your face while also removing the dead skin that we have left behind.

I only used the honey on the majority of places of where it was the worse which was on my chin, forehead and cheeks.

I must admit it did work with in ways like removing my dead skin and decreasing the oil on my face but that was about it.

I still had pimples and painful ones that would still require busting.

While doing my research on how to get rid of acne at home I came across tea tree oil.

I was told it had been used in the skin care field for a very long time and dermatologists have used it for years in their own products.

Which I was quite shocked about because I have had it laying around my house for years! I guess it sort of does the same thing as honey and helps remove bacteria, but it can irritate the skin.

When I was testing it out it did irritate my skin a bit but nothing like the toothpaste did.

The honey did not irritate my skin at all which was a good thing.

So, I started to use the honey with tea tree oil so it would also help me get rid of this dead skin on my chin and cheeks because that was the main focus of where my acne was really.

Did it get rid of acne overnight for me?

Using all these home remedies I found that most of them did not work instantly or overnight.

I woke up still with the acne I had the day before. It did make a difference that was noticeable to me but not so much my husband or friends.

I would ask him everyday if he could see a change and it would only be a very mild difference from the day before. I don’t believe that even these products could work overnight or clear your face in a matter of hours.

Most because well.. Biology.  The product would have to work overtime and as our bodies heal themselves naturally, something that could work with our bodies to heal in such a very short time frame would be an incredible feat.

At this stage in time we don’t have anything out there that could work in one night, let alone even one week.

get rid of acne fast in one day

How to get rid of acne in a week

I gave up on trying to get rid of acne with just using these home remedies. in the end all they did was give my skin less irritation when I had the real bad days. It was just not worth the time for the results I had gotten.

So I thought I would change up my eating habits and what I would drink and would not drink.

I thought if I could stop drinking anything with sugar in it, it may help reduce how many pimples I will get in the week to come.

What I did was replace every single drink with just bottled water and if I was going to have soft drink I would drink just as much water after it.

This would take out the toxins straight after drinking that can of coca cola.

Only problem with removing sugar from my list of things I could eat is that I began to crave for it!

Some days during the week I would just crave for chocolate or soft drink. Instead I would eat something like an apple or carrot.

I kept to this for about 3 weeks and I did find that in about a week my acne had been decreasing in how many would come up every day.

The acne on my chin was starting to fade and if there were pimples, they were never the size weeks prior to going on my sugarless diet.

So, eating the right food and only taking in a small amount of sugar did help me get rid of acne in a little over a week.

It was not fully gone of course but it did help it a lot! Especially for a free way to get rid of acne at home.

Getting rid of my acne scars

After I had gone on my sugarless diet, my acne did start to go away after a few weeks of keeping to it.

But I still had the issue of my acne scars that have always been there since I was a teen and now have come back once I had my break out.

I needed to find a way to clear them up and remove them for good.

I started to do my research and when it came to finding the right product I started to see a trend in them all.

A lot of them used Aloe Vera which was one of the natural ingredients that most skin care products had.

So I went down to my local chemist and found a natural product that claimed to help my skin.

I have been using it for 2 weeks now and it has cleared a lot up.

Was I able to get rid of acne fast using these techniques?.

No, I was not; but these are a great way to help prevent and fight acne without spending very little money if any at all.

The results may take a week or two to come but they will come if you keep at it and create a routine.

Keeping my face clean and eating the right foods has helped me in my journey of keeping acne away forever.

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