How To Get Rid Of Redness From Acne

Almost everyone in their life has suffered from acne or zits.

Though it is not a chronic disease or anything, in some people, it appears as the unwanted side effect of puberty and in others, it is the result of the accumulation of dirt and oil, which ultimately blocks the pores of the skin.

how to get rid of redness

My Story

Well, some years back I had a severe acne outbreak, and I clearly remember it now as it was at the time of my brother’s wedding. I was literally shattered and I didn’t know what to do now?

I had some outbreaks during my teenage years but along the way, I hardly had to deal with acne.

The redness along with swelling made it even worse.

There is nothing worse than distinct red pimples, isn’t it?

Yes! I know and I have been there.

Tried many things and eventually settled or more specifically found what worked the best for me! And that is why I am here to help you out on how to get rid of that redness from acne.

There are times when you may notice a very common side-effect of acne and that is, redness along with irritation of the whole area.

Do not get scared as it is just an inflammatory response!

I know most of you assume the redness to be an onset of infection, but don’t worry it is not so. And it won’t leave a scar too if treated right!

Most of the times, the inflammation can occur when the tissues under that area of the skin are regenerating and it is mainly due to our body’s normal response to these types of situations.

These inflammations can be really frustrating, as the inflamed pimples may become vibrant red and they interfere with your looks.

But there is good news!

There are some natural ways or you may say home remedies that can reduce or eliminate the redness until the skin is completely healed.

Ice-cubes are very handy!

The ice cube therapy is one of the easiest and also the most effective methods to reduce the redness of your pimples.

Ice cubes can be found in every household these days.

Just hold some cubes in a thin washcloth and apply that directly to the affected area.

Never use ice directly on to your skin and try not to put too much pressure on the acne as it may pop it and may also lead to another outbreak.

putting ice on face

So, why does it work?

It is inevitable that your redness will go away after sometime. Applying ice cubes on a part of your skin for a considerable amount of time can lower the temperature of that particular part.

In low temperature, the blood flow slows down considerably causing the redness as well as the swelling to reduce.

Over the years, we use ice to reduce swelling after injuries and that is exactly what is happening here! The only difference being we will use it on the face.

The magic of eye drops

Surprisingly, eye drops are known to have redness reducing properties from acne.

They contain something called tetrahydrozoline hydrochloride which is very effective against pimples.

How to apply it?

You need to get a small amount of the solution in a place. Then use a cotton swab Q-tip to apply it gently on the affected area.

Or you can dip a Q-tip in an eye drop solution and then freeze it for a night. Then apply it on the affected area. This process will be twice as effective as the cold will reduce the inflammation.

This is something that I personally do!

Do not try to rub on your entire face; it may lead to skin irritation. To get the best result, just use it on the affected area.

Lemon juice is very effective

Lemon juice is very effective against redness and many claimed to even see a reduction in the size of the acne as well. I used it myself and saw good results.

The citric acid present in lemon juice acts like a bacteria killer and there are even studies that show that citric has skin lightening properties.

This is a win-win situation!

My tips for you

Always try to avoid sunlight after applying the lemon juice, as it tends to make your skin very dry.  In this state, if your skin gets exposed to sunlight it will get damaged.

So to be safe, apply lemon juice at night and wash it off in the morning!

Also, lemon juice sometimes interferes with acne medications. It is a home remedy! So, if you are on medication, make sure that you consult your doctor before mixing it up.

woman looking at face for redness

Cucumber to the rescue!

Believe it or not, cucumbers are a great way to reduce acne redness!

There is no rocket science in it though! As they have high water content naturally, they tend to have a cooling effect. They have slight astringent property too!

Over the years, you have used it over your eyes, which restrict the blood vessels. This is exactly why it is also used in the treatment of redness and swelling.

Make sure you freeze it for some time and then use it on your skin.

Cold cucumbers are the best remedy!

Use just a thin slice and directly hold it over the spot for some time. Once it gets warmed up, repeat the process again. Or, you can just make a paste out of the fibrous area and apply it directly on to the breakout.

  • Up the general self-awareness and maintaining a healthy routine for better skin
  • First of all, drink a lot of water! 2-3 liters will be enough. If you do not drink the right amount of water, your body will get dehydrated and you will lose the circulation to your skin. But if you get enough water your liver and kidneys will work more efficiently.
  • Next is getting the proper vitamins. Usually, you will need vitamin A, vitamin B6 and Vitamin C to get healthy skin. Fruits are a good source of all these vitamins.
  • Wash your face daily with cold water. Make this a daily routine! If you also use a good face wash that really suits your skin that will be excellent too. It will clear those clogged pores.
  • Avoid hot spicy food. It will lead to worsening the whole situation. Good dietary habits are extremely important.
  • Try to find a good and effective outlet for your stress. Daily exercise can be really healthy. It can be your outlet for stress and you will also a get a fit body out of it.

Getting a pimple on your face is really bad, but the redness coupled with irritation and those blemishes are equally disturbing.

Looking at the bright side to this, getting redness and irritation is somewhat good news. It means that your body is naturally fighting the infection.

It will take time and eventually go away. But not always! It generally comes back again.

This is where home remedies can really help. These are fast and easy!

Well, you cannot stop your body’s reaction to an infection but with these few home remedies, you can at least get rid of those terrible symptoms.

If the home remedy’s are not working for you, you can always give skin care products a try like Rodan and Fields Unblemished or Revitol.

The lifestyle choices I have mentioned can really help matters. I personally follow these religiously and I can vouch that it will definitely help you!

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