How to get rid of Acne Overnight

It’s the night before a big event (work, wedding, date, who knows) and you are completing your nightly bed prep ritual when you notice something ghastly. On. Your. Face… A zit.

Not just any zit.

This one is making itself known. It’s big. It’s got an inflamed base. And it’s WHITE. It’s like the pus gods have come to claim you as their sacrifice.

woman cleaning face

Well that’s just not good enough.

Contrary to popular belief, there is no 100% foolproof overnight solution to your new best friend there.

There are remedies that you can use reduce it’s impact and hope to reduce it or get rid of it in say a week or so, but everyone’s skin is different and will react differently.

Acne gods be damned.

As you would know (because this is by far not the first acne removal article you’ve read, nor will it be the last), Acne, zits, pimple, all the above, are caused by an overactive sebaceous gland, acting like that lovely old lady down the block that collects all the stray cats and birds.

Except it’s not cats and birds on your face (well at least, I hope not), but dead skin cells and oils that should be moving on quicker than they are.

As your body does not like having these tenants without their approval, instead of handing out an eviction notice, your body reacts to them badly, causing a mild local infection, largely on your face (you can get it on your body too) that is visible for your keen eyes to see.

Some methods on how to get rid of acne or pimples, if not overnight, at least in a week or two

popping a pimpleDON’T PICK – do it properly
Ok, this is kind of obvious. When I say, don’t pick, I mean don’t use your fingers.

Preferably don’t use pins either. Invest in a good set of extraction tools (usually pretty cheap on eBay or at your local chemist).

Picking, while satisfying, can cause more damage than good the healthy skin around your pimple.

So if you’re gonna do it, do it right. Get the extractor.


Hydrocortisone cream
Somewhat similar to a spot treatment (more about those soon), and cheaper and quicker than an cortisole injection, Hydrocortisone cream is available over the counter most chemists.

You just need to dab it on the pimple in question the night before and while it won’t be gone, in around 80% of cases, the redness and swelling will go down.

Recommended as an option by dermatologists, it’s not a regular application thing though as it can thin out the skin quite quickly and do more harm than good.

Spot treatments
Essentially a weaker version of the hydrocortisone cream (and with different active ingredients like benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid) spot treatments have a good hit rate, when it comes to reducing inflammation.

Spot treatments are good for those who aren’t affected by acne, but still get some rather large beauties on their face.

If you get acne, talk to your doc before you get a-dabbing.

spot treatments

Crushed aspirin
Derived from salicylic acid, and with a lot of fancy chemistry I just don’t get, when you crush up your headache meds into a small paste and apply it to your pimple, it soothes the raging infection much like your headache from reading these articles for too long.

Basically, you’re allowing the anti-inflammatory properties to work, just in a different way.


Tea tree oil
Tea Tree oil. Tea. Tree. Oil.

How can you go wrong with this stuff? Largely thanks to it’s anti-septic qualities, TTO is a popular choice for many as it covers a wide variety of medical concerns.

Just dab it on a cotton bud, ball or tissue and apply directly to the inflamed people.

If you are sensitive to use it concentrated though, mixing with a bit of water first won’t lose any of it’s properties.

Now Toothpaste is one of those gimmick methods out there, that are recommended regularly.

While yes, the paste may work initially like the aspirin does, you often forget to realize that there is other stuff in the toothpaste.

Like mint. Or sugars, or other stuff that gives you pearly whites. What may be safe for your teeth may not be safe at all for your face.

Get a good skin routine.

This is a no-brainer. Having a good skin routine, and the right cleansers usually nip any zits or acne in the bud before they get bad.

Visit your dermatologist or beauty therapist to get your skin assessed with what could be better for you.

Don’t be afraid to ask for samples and mix and match brands to find a routine that work for you.

As long as your skin is being cleaned and moisturised daily, it should not be an issue at all.

Alright, this is an old trick in the book, but you know what? It gosh darn works.

Steam opens up your pores and essentially helps you sweat the bad stuff out.

It’s been used for centuries and will continue to be used for many more.

Just remember to use a cold damp cloth on your face afterwards to wipe the yucky stuff away and close your pores back up.


My thoughts on the gimmicks of getting rid of acne fast

Ice it.
Basically, using this method, you just need to think of your pimple or acne as you would any other injury.

Usually you ice the injury to reduce the swelling, so why wouldn’t you do the same with pimples?

Ice cubes frozen with green tea or lavender in them, work a tiny bit better, but even just a normal ice cube by itself will be a suitable option as anything to reduce the inflammation helps the healing process.

So the basic overtone here is look after you face with a good routine, don’t try the gimmicky sounding solutions and most importantly, do what you think is right for your face/body.


You could go out there and buy all these expensive products like Rodan and Fields or Proactive but some of these products just don’t work.

There has been cases where it has done worse then good.

These are nearly 30%-40% of their buyer base and what if that was you?

Why we recommend that you try all the natural ways of how to get rid of acne and keep it away.

We find that even with such products they wont work overnight but they will work within a week or two of using it constantly and NOT eating the wrong foods but they will never clear your skin forever after only using it a few times.

Remember too that acne is an actual disease of the skin so if you suffer from acne and not just an unfortunate case of the pimples, please see your doctor, dermatologist or beauty therapist for advice for long term care.

Overnight solutions do exists, but don’t have the results they promise so to try and reduce the big pimples crashing the party follow the list above and keep the make-up light. Au Naturale is usually better anyway in our book.

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