How to Get Skinny While Being A Parent!

Have you ever had those days; one of those ones where the very person you thought was your confidant,  accidentally made an offhand comment in passing on the width of your limbs?

Perhaps not willingly, or out of spite, perhaps out of concern, but maybe a bigger waistline, or thicker thighs have caught their eye and they could not help but point it out? Or maybe you no longer fit into your favorite go-to party dress?

You’re just like everyone else if you’ve ever felt like this.

Everyone has body hang-ups, and to be honest, everyone will go through phases where it bothers them for periods of time.

A person’s body shape is ultimately their choice and everyone has their own comfort level when it comes to their size.

Unfortunately, in a society where everyone has a say on all kinds of topics, including body shape, someone is bound to say something that makes you stop and rethink your size.


Parenthood and getting skinny

Parenthood is, perhaps, the most involved phase in the life of any person.

Not only are you susceptible to not meeting deadlines, or missing a work call, but also conscious of and/or worry about not communicating with your child enough.happy parenting after getting ways to get skinny

Being a busy parent can make a rigorous exercise program a problem.

Since you are pressed for time and you would rather spend it with your child, Parenthood tends to make people let go of certain things.

And for some that can include exercise and their body shape.

Of course, focusing on your kids and the time you spend with your family is great, but taking care of your body is also important.

Parents can make small changes to their routine such as involving your child in your work out and reduce training routines that involve equipment or gyms, to a bare minimum.

Now, obviously, it is recommended to undertake a full-body workout, yet there are certain specific exercises and dietary regimes that may work wonders on certain specific parts of your body.

Dedication is the key, and we can’t keep stressing that enough.

So, even if you are not feeling up to the task of exercising your full body, you may stick to particular exercises.


How to get skinny fast, possibly in a week!

Okay, so here’s the deal.

To beat the enemy, you must know your enemy.

Well, it might be too difficult an imagery, but the point is to initiate a complete overhaul of your body and you have to know it, inside out.

Which means you need to figure out what kind of body it is that you have (Yes, there are ways to assess that, however objectifying that may sound.

It’s science).

Once you have done that, you need to chart a workout plan, which sits comfortably alongside your parental and work routines.

Ideally, it can be reduced to cardiovascular exercises, weight training, or other forms of exercise which involve floor training such as pilates and to become skinny

Now, each form of exercise has its own manner of acting on the body.

Cardiovascular exercises can be considered to complement a rigid diet because while dieting helps you reduce and get rid of excessive fat and water weight, cardio helps tone your muscles and increases body metabolism.

Likewise, resistance or weight training can achieve similar consequences.

However, a parental routine, because of the lack of time or company, might be adverse to sweating out in the gym, so here are a few guidelines on what exercises to perform and how to integrate your maternal or paternal functions into your workout regime:

  • Cardiovascular exercise: A cardio workout is a physical workout where the body’s oxygen requirement is pushed several notches to meet energy demands as a result of a high, or medium intensity exercise, often leading to increased metabolism.
  • Some of the basic examples of cardio exercises are –

1.Medium, or long-distance running





While these are mostly outdoor exercises, indoor cardio exercises include-

1.Climbing the stairskeeping fit while becoming skinny

2.Using a treadmill


4.Elliptical trainer

5. Stationary bicycle.

Further, you could adopt interval training methods to burn calories faster.

Interval training, or commonly known as HIIT, is a manner of exercise where the intensity of the workout is altered in order to increase fitness over a short period of time, as opposed to steady-state cardio.

For instance, you could alternate your jogging routine with short spells of high intensity running.

Or, you could change the incline on your elliptical in spurts, to enable higher calorie burning.

Ideally, cardio exercises should be performed for no more than 40-50 minutes per day.

Integrating such regimes into the daily struggles of parenthood does not come easily since there’s always the question of time, and parental supervision that pops up in the middle of a self-directed activity.

In the case of outdoor activities, you could always bring your child along for a round of cycling, swimming, or running in the park.

Perhaps you could also make use of a trampoline since spot jumping is almost as effective a workout as running or walking.

  • Weight or resistance training: Since this routine involves the use of heavy, potentially dangerous equipment, it is recommended that you refrain from resistance training unless you are absolutely sure.

On the flip side, weight training can help tone your muscles and build core body strength.

It is not an isolated activity in its entirety, despite taking place inside a gym, since you can always find a buddy in another parent facing similar woes.

  • Exercise routines such as yoga, Pilates, kettle bells, and exercise bells: Mat exercises can be performed to work a desired region of the body towards a toned, more shapely form.

Often, these exercises include free hand routines or employ objects such as kettle bells and medicine balls.

Floor exercises can also include squats, pushups and lunges, the latter two helping tone the upper and lower halves of the body, respectively.

Most of these exercises can be performed indoors and in the presence of a group.

Including your children or other family or friends in the activity is always an added delight.

If you think eating clean and a basic exercise routine isn’t going to help with the weight loss, there are a handful of other weight loss programs you could opt for, as well:

  • If you can’t head out to the gym (be it budget conditions, transport or just personal preference), some exercises you could practice at home include –

1.Squats, and lungesgetting skinny in a week of working out

2. Plyometric exercises such as medicine ball slams, or push-ups heaved against the wall, instead of the floor.

Now, it would be pertinent to mention that for conditioning, toning, and shaping of particular areas in your body, it is important to shed weight from the rest of it as well.

In such cases, full body workouts, such as those mentioned above, should be the order of the day.

Only when sufficient fat has been removed, can the desired organ be shaped through exercising the particular muscle.

Working on distinguishable regions does not make it skinny.

Therefore, in the regions mentioned below, it is an assumption that your workout would include a full body physical overhaul and not simply particularized regions.

This process, called spot reducing, is widely disputed in its legitimacy.

Spot reducing is a disputed concept of working on one bodily area with the expectation that the fat will only be absorbed from that area.

While that can be true for toning the muscles there is not enough scientific evidence to support the process fat loss in that area due to spot reduction.

In saying this, the advantage is that you are giving your body a personalized workout for that area, contributing to toning your muscles and improving your overall fitness.

If you are looking to burn fat or how to get skinny from one certain region while keeping the rest at bay, unfortunately, it is not possible.

how to look skinny and keep fit as a mom

Dieting:dieting to get skinny

Once you have done that, you need to locate a diet and workout plan that sits comfortably with your schedules, both at work and at home.

  • Generally, you ought to reduce your intake of fluids that are not water.

So energy drinks, soft drinks, sodas, alcoholic beverages, and pop drinks can actually be detrimental to your body constitution, especially when you begin to exercise like you would.

It is absolutely necessary to stay hydrated, so carry your water with you wherever you go.

Now, coming to food, carbohydrates occupy an ambivalent territory in the conception of the ideal, healthy diet.

Essentially, carbohydrates provide the much-required energy to your body, which may be replenished in the case of strenuous physical exercises.

However, not all carbohydrates yield the results you are looking for.

Start with whole-grain items, which contain a surplus of fiber, and reduce the intake of bad carbohydrates.

These are processed items which substitute the grain for sugar.

Some of the items you can imbibe into your diet plans include barley, legumes, black beans, quinoa, and whole wheat bread and pasta.

You might also need a substantial amount of fiber and proteins, so get your vegetables, fruits, and lean meats out of the freezer.

Oh, and avoid sugar in large quantities.

This includes almost every food item made out of artificial sugars such as candies, cookies, cakes, and other assorted refreshments.

It is preferable that you pick natural sugar over artificial.

Subsequently, you could substitute your artificially sweetened snacks for a piece of fruit or vegetable, which have natural sugar contents.

The science behind these is that natural sugars break down a lot easier than artificial sweeteners.

It is important that your body realizes when you are full and stop any further ingestion.

When you have finished a meal, if you still feel hungry, wait about 20 minutes and then see how you feel.

Choosing drinks to go with your food is another good option as the right kind of drink can assist with digestion.

Drink water or break it up a bit and go with green or herbal tea instead of caffeine.

It is necessary to moderate the amount of water that you are drinking.

Around 2 liters of water everyday should compensate for the strenuous workout that you are looking for.

Another method you can adopt to regulate your calorie intake is the zig-zag calorie diet plan.

It is actually what it sounds like, you intake alternate amounts of calories, by substituting the usual low-calorie diet with an occasional high-calorie one.

One of the primary results of such a diet is that it reduces cheating since it allows you to acclimatize into the dieting process.


Let’s get those legs toned!

A basic workout typically, in the case of achieving skinny legs, involves lots and lots of exercise, most of which circulate around the lower limbs.

These include cardiovascular exercises such as walking, running, cycling, squats, jumping, and to get skinny legs and look skinny

You could start by walking, maybe count your steps, and up your calorie burning by graduating to running, uphill if possible.

  • Walking should not be less than 10,000 steps a day while running and cycling should be performed at least three to four times a week.

Other than that, swimming and cycling are two of the more common cardiovascular exercises used for toning the muscles of the legs.

You could always look up other cardiovascular exercises on YouTube, and because cardio forms the very essence of self-sufficient exercising, the sooner the better.

Take your child along with you to the park, or a trampoline, and watch them laugh their souls out at how insistent you are on that last bit of exercise.

  • As far as exercises go, you could start with some basic floor exercises:

1. While lying down, bend your knee to bring your leg as close as you can to your face.

Now, kick the suspended leg with your other one, then return to the floor.

Continue till you have 60 kicks, then change sides and do another 60.

2. Lunges can be especially beneficial for the muscles of the hip, upper thighs, and back.

  • Standard lunges
  • Jumping lunges, where you jump while in a lunge position and land on the other foot!
  • Reverse lunges, where the leg moves back in the form of a lunge, from the original position where both feet were together.
  • Leg Rolls: This can be performed by lying to one side, lifting one leg up, and rotating it, all the while maintaining balance on the arm nestled on the side.

After completing 60 rotations, this is performed on the other side.

Planks: Performed in the prescribed form, this posture works on muscles in the hamstrings, abs, chest muscles, and lower back.

Knee Raise: Performed by pulling one knee as high as possible, while the other maintains balance, followed by the alternate leg.

Now, you can also opt for some resistance training, or up your cardio routines to form muscle and burn fat, respectively.

Furthermore, you could opt for interval training by altering the intensity of the exercise.

There are a handful of exercises which can be performed as well, although they won’t serve much purpose if spot reduction is what you are looking for.

These exercises can be performed indoors, and integrated into the routine of children as well.skinny thighs

Ask your child to join you, as it’s never a happy idea to exercise alone.

Some of the exercises you could workout on from home are:

  • Jumping jacks
  • Moving your legs in the fashion of a scissor kick while lying on your back,
  • Playing an organized sport with controlled, but regular activity.


How to get skinny arms?

While the primary inputs about maintaining dietary and exercise routines remain the same, fat reduction in the arms may also push it one step further and involve weight training as one of the fundamental procedures.

Saggy arms come about as a result of accumulated fat, and fat is burned through strenuous exercise and regulated diets.pushing yourself to get to that weight size and slim

Now, this holds true in the case of achieving toned arms, rather than making them thinner.

The process of calorie burning is better off by not being focused on one particular area since spot exercise such as these can barely wield results.

Exercises will help tone the arms, while simultaneously burning fat in the entire body.

  • It is necessary to consider the three primary muscle groups of the arms while exercising, the deltoids, the biceps, and the triceps.

There are particular exercises for each, and they usually involve pulling weights, or flexing the muscles in order to build them, or tone them accordingly:

  1. a) Curls and push-ups for bicep training.
  2. b) Dips, extensions, and push-ups for triceps exercise.
  3. c) Lateral raises and push-ups for shaping the deltoids.
  4. d) Bench presses, arm slides, ball slams, and battle ropes can also help attain the desired shape on your arms.

Now, all of these exercises can be emulated at home, with the aid of equipment such as kettle bells, or exercise balls.

Use kettle bells to swing or squat, and exercise balls for tricep dips and shoulder presses and curls.

  • Furthermore, you could opt for some chest exercises, as well as basic cardio.

Chest exercising can tone the regions around your underarms, giving you a more defined, and structured look.

And of course, adequate cardio is an essential point in any workout whatsoever.


Get that neck fat off for good!!

Well now, sticking one’s neck out may eventually end up being beneficial or detrimental, but literally, one needs to have a neck worth sticking out, if one is inclined to at all.

While fat accumulation in the neck is a common possibility, saggy skin also plays a fundamental role in establishing its aesthetic value.

The neck can be the repository of fat, move around to envelop the chin, or parts of the shoulder even.

Now, there are two ways to go about if you are thinking of how to get skinny:

  • Conventional calorie consuming exercises, coupled with monitored diets and fluid intake, can reduce the overall fat content of the body, including the neck.
  • Leading from this previous statement, such exercises can help elongate your neck, which when seen in conjunction with proper body posturing, can give the appearance of a toned, long, shapely neck.

To the steps, then:

  • Cardiovascular exercise, since it is important to burn fat all over your body, in the event of attaining a skinnier body part.

It actually works, and there ought to be no two ways about it since the neck is not something that gets strained while rigorous exercise.

It is recommended that at least 150 minutes of cardio are put in each week, as a whole workout program.

  • Furthermore, you could undertake two extra days of strength training, for no more than 20 minutes per session.

Yoga, Pilates, or even weights are the many roads to walk by.

  • There are other methods as well, which may help you attain the desired shape of your neck, or at least appear to.

You could opt for cosmetic surgery to reduce flab or skin, or you could opt for sunscreens and wrinkle creams to efface those age revealing marks from hell.

However, it is always recommended that you choose a healthy lifestyle, replete with proper food and exercise, instead of going for the cosmetic route.

Now coming to postures and exercise.

One thing you should know is that toning exercises do not necessarily reduce fat content in the neck.

Instead, they may enlarge the muscles of the neck, making the whole portion large in the process.

At the same time, they may actually help tone your neck, especially if coupled with an improved posture

  • Neck stretches: Sitting down in an erect posture, stretch your neck to one side so that it touches the shoulder, without shrugging it.

Hold the position for a count to ten, then return to the previous upright position and repeat.

Do this ten times for both right and left sides.

  • Neck twisting: Sitting down in a firm posture, slowly turn your head to one side, as far as you are comfortable.

Hold for a count of ten, then revert back to the original position, and repeat.

This should also do performed ten times on each side.

More neck stretching: Again, sitting in a firm, straight position,  turn your chin towards the ceiling.

Bring it back to the original posture, then touch your shoulder with your ear.

Come back to the original position and touch your chest you’re your chin.

Revert to the original position.

You should hold each stretched position for a matter of ten seconds, and perform each exercise ten times, on each side of the neck and shoulders.

Done periodically, especially given how it can be conveniently performed almost anywhere, could help strain and elongate the muscles.


Get rid of the flab under your cheeks

Oh come on, it’s not just you.

Everyone craves that chiseled jawline, and paper slicing high cheekbones.

But not everyone is blessed with the same since their moment of conception.

But, fret not.

Fatty cheeks and saggy double chins are not unconquerable.

It takes a bit of time, though, and repeated facial exercising in order to reach that limit.

Of course, you will have to burn fat in your body as well, so that the face feels the heat, and coupled with this arrangement, you can select as many exercises as you want to access those 50 odd muscles hiding behind your smile.

  • Cardiovascular exercises, because it is not possible to focus on the face alone while the rest of your body keeps accumulating fat.

So go walk, run, jog, jump, swim, or join the gym, whatever suits your lifestyle.

But remember, calorie burning is a collective activity that needs to be performed from the head to the toe.

  • It is also important to maintain your body posture, especially the region around the shoulder and the neck.

You need to get as far away from a slumped posture, as you can get.

While you are at it, chew a gum or two, since the activity involves a whole level of muscular activity.

Now, coming to the exercises, there is a range of things you can select.

  • Face yoga, not only relaxes the facial muscles but also tones and strengthens them.

Also, you can perform your regular yoga but force your head downwards, so your face can also get a workout.

Some other exercises that you can avail are-

  • Fish Face: Emulating a fish, suck your cheeks in and lips inward.

While in that position, make an attempt to smile.

Repeat the exercise.

  • Cheek Uplift: This is a procedure where your cheeks are lifted up to your eyes with the aid of your fingers.

Keep them in that position, and repeat the exercise.

  • Lip Pull: Sitting in an erect posture, look forward.

Strain your lower lip upwards, while simultaneously pushing your lower jaw downwards.

Stay in this position for around 10 seconds, and continue the exercise 10 times.

Moreover, activities such as stretching your facial skin, lifting your chin, forming X’s and O’s, and tightly closing your eyes, when performed at least ten times and held for ten seconds each time, can be very effective.

  • Finally, keep smiling.

The wider the grin, the more exercise your muscles get.

So it’s not only a social move, but would actually keep you fit and gorgeous.


Signing off

cheering for success after trying to get skinny while being a parent

The process of how to get skinny essentially boils down to two factors: motivation, control, and dedication.

You drive yourself towards reducing that bothersome layer of fat, and you refrain from letting it get to you again.

It does not take grueling regimes, or tiresome routines to get skinny, quite as much as it takes to continue the process once you have attained it.

The point here is, if you think that physical exercise is just a cumbersome activity that makes your nostrils flare and limbs quiver, well it is not.

It is only a part of the whole, a cog in a machine that starts rolling when you can pull yourself together and get off that couch.

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