Is Rodan and Fields a Scam

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What is Rodan and Fields?

Let’s go right back to the start of the journey of two founders who started Rodan and Fields.

In 2002, two women Katie Rodan and Kathy Fields opened the cosmetic company that we are all familiar with. While there is freely available information on Katie Rodan, unfortunately there isn’t much about Kathy Fields.

Raisedin Los Angeles where she had gone to the University of Virginia, Katie Fields earned her undergraduate degree. She continued her studies in California and received a medical degree from the school of medicine in Southern California.

From there she opened her own private practice in medical, surgical and cosmetic dermatology which helped give her the name of top doctor in East Bay.

Katie Rodan and Kathy Fields

Her success has found Rodan in all the top magazines such as Women’s Health, Redbook, Shape Magazine and even Fox Business News.

Her journey had taken her to great heights and new places in life. Her studies in California is where she met Kathy Fields while they both where attending Stanford University School of Medicine.

The two women used their learned knowledge and put their heads together to build their own product, called Proactiv Solution, released in 1995 for the public.

Their first skincare solution

In 1995, little did the know they had built a brand that will go out to help millions of people with skin problems.

Not long after, Kathy Fields and Katie Rodan joined together with Guthy Renker, who is a direct marketing company based in California.

Proactive was produced not only for acne, but all sorts of skincare products like body washes, hair products and moisturizers.

The other products they had made were never as popular as their main 3 Step Program, their Anti Acne kit; which was a cleanser, toner and lotion that would break the market and take the world by storm.

You would see it all over the world in places such as TV, Billboards and even celebrity endorsements.

It got so big that it created sales of over $800 million. Now, that is a lot of money! It was never all glamor for Proactiv+ though, because they did have issues with a lot of customers getting skin reactions from the ingredients inside Proactiv, such as Benzoyl Peroxide which would create skin irritations and inflammation.proactive_kit

Further research and studies showed that Proactiv was only suitable for the people with mild to moderate acne. It was not recommended for people with worse acne, who should see a doctor instead.

For those not affected, most customers said that after two weeks they had seen an improvement in their skin and blemishes were starting to fade away. After six weeks more than half of those surveyed said their blemishes and acne had reduced by 60%.

The Rodan Fields Leap

With all the success they had with Proactiv. Katie Rodan and Kathy Fields decided to create another product similar to Proactiv but more focused on all skin types called Rodan Fields.

R+F was, again, all about skincare, but instead of sole products, they created skin care regimens for all types of different skin issues From anti-ageing to sun scared skin and acne.

All the regimens contain cleansers, toners, moisturizers, creams, exfoliators and sunscreens.

They had decided to fund it in 2002, but in a year of it running Estee Lauder had purchased it and moved from department stores to direct sales and multi-level marketing.

Eventually,  Dr.Rodan and Dr.Fields wanted their brand back and brought it back off Estee lauder in 2007.

This time they wanted to stick with the commission based model, the multi-level marketing strategy where they would get people who want to sell it for them by all types of sources like social media, phone or even party events, a bit like Avon but more focused on just skincare.


How much do Rodan and Fields consultants make?

earning money with R + F

First things first, when you are looking at becoming a consultant you will need to know someone who already is in with R+F selling products.

If you don’t know anyone and want to still sell their products you can get a sponsor assigned to you.

This is great if you are in a remote area and don’t know anyone who is already in R+F Company.

There is a fee when wanting to join up of $45 that will give you a brief run down on what Rodan Fields is along with how its business model works for you.

You can also get different levels of kits, which will cost more, but will also include a lot more like product samples and business tools which will be handy in the long run.

This is a question that does get asked quite a lot when it comes to what amount of money a R+F consultant does make.

In truth, It can vary because not everyone is working as hard as each other and could only be working a few days a week while you have other consultants working 7 days a week for 10 hours a day.

Rodan Fields has said that the average annual income for a consultant was $3,000.

So let’s divide that by 12 months that is only $250 a month.

It seems like it is not worth it.

Coming from their Income Disclosure agreement, out of all their consultants, 44% have earned nothing.

In the US alone there are over 170,000 consultants working for Rodan and Fields.

They have a few successful sellers in the US who have made up to six figures.

But going out and doing the same would be very hard to achieve without having any prior experience in selling.

consulting for R+F

How much does Rodan and Fields pay?

When you are selling for any company that is in the multilevel marketing scheme, you typically get paid per how many products you have much do rodan and fields pay photo

There are different types commission methods of how Rodan and Fields pay. they have Retail Profit, Consultant Commissions and Personal Team Commissions. with all of these you are also receive a performance bonus.

So lets get started with R + F Retail Profit strategy.

Now, there are 3 types you can do in Retail Profit alone.

  1. You can buy the Rodan Fields products at wholesale price and then go out and resell them to your customers at a larger price. So, for instance, you can buy a R+F product at $120 and charge $160 for that same product and profit for $40 per a sale.

Then we have the second way of (RP).

  1. What you will do here is suggest it to your friends, family or workmates or just another customer.

You don’t need to have any in stock, you just login online to your account and again buy at wholesale price but add your own charge, so again, the $40 or whatever it is you want to charge your customers.

The good thing about doing it this way is that you only need to buy one at the start and show your clients the sample and some before and after shots along with how well the product will work for them.

We now have the third way of Retail Profit which is preferred customers.

  1. What you are doing with this one, is referring a customer to buying R+F products and you take a small cut.

For this method you don’t have to be a member, all you need is an account with Rodan Fields and give your customers an affiliate link, or as we call it, a discount token and you will get the difference of the product price.

So at $144 for full price, with discount wholesale price of $120 you get $24.

Lets move on to our next way of selling Rodan and Fields products as this is where it gets interesting.

The best way to explain Consultant Commissions is to think of being a boss for a small team and earning a percent from each sale they make.

To become an active consultant of the R+F team you have to be earning at least $100 in sales per a month.

Once you reach that target you will then be able to earn a 10% commission off of each sale that the people below you have brought into the team.

With this you can create a large team of employees who work underneath you and when they generate a sale, so do you.

Over time, this can be a way to make some passive income while you focus on other things in life.

Now there is a lot more than just these two ways of how you can make money with Rodan Fields, but these two will get you started with the understanding of their business model.

Now, with their bonuses, with every step you make hiring someone you are generating more sales as they in turn start hiring as well amd the higher you will become in the ladder and be eligible to get more percent per sale.

So, if you are making $600 a month and you have another employee making just as good, you will get the 10% + 5% + 5% So that is an extra 20%.

This will keep increasing with more sellers who are working underneath you.

consulting with Rodan Fields

Rodan and Fields Products

Rodan-and-Fields Product List
There are four major regimens when it comes to R+F products.

The Redefine, which is a regimen for anti-ageing, helps with the appearance of lines, pores and loss of firmness in the skin.

It is said that it will increase your skin hydration level by 200% after only using it once While it will keep it maintained for up to eight hours.

it reduces the signs of aging for your skin with their special ingredients.

We will get to Rodan and Fields ingredients later on along with their pricing.

We will move on to their next product the Rodan + Fields Reverse.

This regimen is used for people who have exposed their skin to the sun and want that brighter healthier looking skin.

It should be noted that it does have similarities in ways of what Redefine does for you Where it increases your skins hydration level for 200% and stays on you for eight hours.

But instead it also states that it erases premature aging within the dullness, discoloration and uneven skin tone with its brighten formula.

Rodan + Fields Unblemished is their new regimen for acne treatment.

It claims that it stops blackheads and pimples from becoming visible on your skin and To help fight against acne that creates clogged pores and blemishes on your skin while keeping acne away.

You will need to use it often to see results on a daily basis and use the right ingredients.

Rodan + Fields Soothe is all about people with sensitive skin.

Saying that, it will help with redness and dryness of the skin while keeping it at bay Using their special technology, the Rodan Fields Cold Fission which is meant to replace the harsher emulsifiers.

Now lets get down to the real information you wanted, the price list.


Rodan and Fields Price List

With R+F product list they also have a price list for each little piece inside each regimen package.

We will cover each package along with their separate item prices.

REDEFINEAmazon Prices
REDEFINE ACUTE CARE Skincare for Expression Lines
REDEFINE Amp It Up Special
AMP MD System
AMP MD System Refill
AMP MD Purification Tablets (16-pack)
Age Assault
Age Shield Hand Balm SPF 30
Brightening Hand Treatment
Daily Cleansing Mask
Eye Cloths
Hand Treatment Regimen
Lip Renewing Serum
Multi-Function Eye Cream
Night Renewing Serum
Overnight Restorative Cream
Pore Minimizing Toner
Triple Defence Treatment Broad Spectrum SPF 30
REVERSE Brightening Regimen
REVERSE Lightening Regimen
ACUTE CARE REVERSE Brightening Special
ACUTE CARE REVERSE Lightening Special
REVERSE Amp It Up Special
Broad Spectrum SPF 50+ Sunscreen
Deep Exfoliating Wash
Dual Active Brightening Complex
Intensive Brightening Toner
Skin Lightening Toner
Skin Lightening Treatment
Acne Treatment Sulfur Wash
Clarifying Toner
Dual Intensive Acne Treatment
Oil Control Lotion Broad Spectrum SPF 20
SOOTHE Regimen
Gentle Cream Wash
Moisture Replenishing Cream
Mineral Sunscreen Broad Spectrum SPF 30
Sensitive Skin Treatment
Micro-Dermabrasion Paste
Mineral Peptides Broad Spectrum SPF 20 – Light
Mineral Peptides Broad Spectrum SPF 20 – Medium
Mineral Peptides Broad Spectrum SPF 20 – Bronze
Mineral Peptides Broad Spectrum SPF 20 with Brush – Light
Mineral Peptides Broad Spectrum SPF 20 with Brush – Medium
Mineral Peptides Broad Spectrum SPF 20 with Brush – Bronze
Mineral Peptides Brush
Broad Spectrum SPF 30 Body Sunscreen
Daily Body Moisturizer
Foaming Sunless Tan
Gauze Pads
Lip Shield Broad Spectrum SPF 25 (2-pack)
Maximum D3 Vitamin D Supplement (10-pack)


Is Rodan and Fields worth the money?

This is a question that gets asked a lot, if Rodan and Fields is really worth the price tag?

When you are looking for that perfect solution,  you really want to know if “I spend lots of money will it give me greater results over just spendings bit less on a product that could potentially do the same thing for my skin?”Rodan and Fields Worth the Money?

Rodan Fields has a lot of products that range from moderately expensive to very expensive in price and when buying in single items it can look like a small pay check  as you can see some of their bottles costing half the price of the whole kits.

Another thing to consider how long it will take to use each product. it seems like you might as well just go all out on their regimes and make sure when you run out that you run out on all of them at the same time That way when you do run out, you can rebuy more in bulk to save you more money.

Ultimately it comes down to “What is your skin worth to you?”

If you are spending X amount of money on fast food every day, you can afford to try out a product that could have to potential to make your skin look and feel better.

If it does seem too expensive at the start then try a cheaper alternative.

If that cheaper version does not work for you then go for R+F products.

It is all about trial and error when it comes to buying such skincare products because all our bodies are different.

We have done extensive research to see if R+F is worth your money and what our mommies are saying along with the rest of the world.

There has been a lot of talk that it does not work for some people, while others are saying it works amazing on their skin.

So, with that lets dive in to some reviews from the web.


Rodan Fields Reviews

While there are a lot of reviews about Rodan Fields and how it helped one person with life changing results and how their skin was never the same, you then have the other side where it has destroyed their skin and created havoc in their life.

The thing with using such products is that you will never know until you have tried it for yourself or have went and asked your own doctor or skin specialist on which products you should use.Rodan and Fields Review

From what we do know, is that if you have sensitive skin you should not try R+F products as they have so many chemicals in them that it could damage your skin even more.

But don’t worry there is an upside for people who don’t have such sensitive skin. It has worked well for some and for the people who it has worked well for are also seeing amazing results.

From our mommies who have created their own reviews on Rodan and Fields products, this is their personal experience and you may relate to it or have your own opinion on the same R+F product.

Don’t be scared to join in on the conversation and reviews.

Why not create your own review?

If you want to look for more reviews about Rodan Fields and their products you can a quick google search or Amazon search and find plenty of personal reviews just like ours.


The final verdict Rodan and Fields scam

Here’s the big question everyone is waiting for.

Is Rodan and Fields a Scam?R+F Final Verdict Scam

To put it bluntly, no it is not but this it is what it is.

R+F is a skincare solution for people who have mild skin issues, nothing major and is only really going to work for you when you are using their products heavily together.

There has been claims that they have helped people with severe skin conditions but these claims forgot to include what else had helped these people in their process of recovering like their doctors., The foods they have eaten, the cut back on sugar, and even medication to help keep skin problems away.

This is where it is a grey area for the supply and the buyer.

Because they don’t have to tell you every single piece of the story but what they want you to hear.

Is Rodan and Fields selling techniques really a scam?

This is another question that people ask a lot.

My friend is selling it and wants me to sell it to my friends but wants to make sure she is the one that referred me to R+F.

While this may sound wrong in some people’s eyes this is just another way to build a team of marketers for your product.

As we have shown you how it works in an earlier section you can see that you are building a branch of employees that work under you and you take a cut.

Is it a scam? No because it is just another way to make their business larger and even your own business or team larger while taking a percent for building it.

They call this the multi-level marketing strategy. It has been around for years and used in very large companies like Avon.

So with that we would like to thank you for taking the time to read our article all about Rodan Fields.

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