Rodan and Fields Soothe Why its not worth it


Rodan and fields soothe is just an overpriced bottle

Hey my name is Jessica and I want to give my honest review of Rodan and Fields Soothe cream.Jamie Rodan and Fields Soothe Review

What I think of it and why. I am a loving wife and parent of two beautiful boys and a foster boy with one starting school very soon and another on his way to high school.

I love them both so dearly, including my foster boy who I have had for over 5 years now I love him as my own son. As a parent of three lives it is very hectic, while running around after 3 boys under 10.

With my foster child having to go see doctor’s every week and costing us a lot to see specialist and drive across the country for appointments.

It has its toll not just mentally but also physically and of course with our funds, we try and save as much as we can as a family.

So while having such a busy life I had found out my foster child had eczema.

He has had it since he was born which I have had him since he was a little boy about 8 months old and I noticed something about his skin to which I find out it was eczema so I had setup for him to see my doctor.

I was wondering what could I do about it and so I started to use this soap that was meant to be placed in his bath.

Having to bath him twice a day just to keep up with him from not getting the itch.

It drove the poor guy around the bend some days and we could not do much about it.

Just keep giving him more baths to hope it would settle his skin.

It was like as if he had chicken pox but it was only eczema.

I hated seeing him in this stage of it all.

It started to take its toll on him and me and my husband we had to find something that would help him out and not in a little way but a big way.

I wanted his pain gone I wanted him healthy again. To be able to do things boys should be doing at his age.

My research that will save you time and money!

I decided to do my own research. Mind you I was not a tech savvy girl at the time computers and phones drove me crazy.

So what I did was I went to my local library and checked out some of the books there to read on about eczema and what causes it.

It seemed that there were a few things that can cause it in a child.

Such as Dry skin and with him being so young we notice he did have dry skin a lot and seemed to get it even worse when he was outside.

What I did for a long time was rug him up to make sure the wind would not hit his skin as much.

Even spent less time outside, just so it did not flare up and he would have the urge to scratch it.

My two boys bathed with a normal type of soap and tried it only once on our foster boy after only a few hours he flared up fast and this is how I found out he was getting Irritations from certain products and not just being out side.

So I said ok I must learn how to use a computer and this thing called Google.

I spent a few weeks learning how to use it and how to use my laptop with my boys by my side teaching me how to press this and press that.

Soon enough I got the hang of it all and found all sorts of products and reviews.

So many that I spent hours looking for answers and finding out which one works and which one does not from other parents.

The Beginning of Rodan and Fields Soothe Cream Experience

While I was on google I spotted a product called Rodan and Fields Soothe which was meant to be for Eczema for all ages.

So what I did is check the reviews. Check the ingredients and how would it help my foster boy with his pain.

I decided to take a look at the shopping page and it was like a smack in the face.

How do they expect us to afford $$$$ or even $$$ for their smaller one for a few months’ worth of product?

I am lucky to be able to afford a nice cup of tea when I am out doing my shopping for the boys let alone $$$.

I thought well there has to be some smaller sized version of their cream somewhere.

I found it but it has all these stages, stage one, two, three and so on. Asking low to high double digits $$

I was like there is no way I could afford that with my salary.

So I decided to only buy the one main one which was high $$.

Praying to god it would work wonders for him. Then I get hit by a shipping cost, add $$ to that.

What I want to do is make sure he gets the life he deserves.

Now a few days have gone by and guess what I get something in my mail box, yay!

It was the Rodan and Fields Soothe Cream. At first I thought they had only sent me half of what I paid for. Nope it is a TINY bottle only 50mls.

I don’t know how this is going to last me a few months if even one.

Later that night I gave my foster boy a bath with his Eczema bath soap.

Told him to wash himself down and take his time in there.

Once he was ready to come out give me a shout I said. He yells, “Im ready” so I come in and dry pat him down.

With which now I have my new product from Rodan and Fields. Ready to soothe his dry itchy skin.

First thing he tells me, “wow that’s cold” he starts to tell me it is very nice doesn’t want to itch the area’s that it has been placed on. I responded with this will take some time and we can’t apply it all the time when you get itchy we have to save it and use it wisely.

Later that night it’s his bed time and this is when his flaring comes up so I placed a bit more on him once again and laid him to rest.

Over the weeks of using Rodan and Fields Soothe cream we started to use more and more on the other places of his body and in no time we ran out.

I couldn’t afford another bottle. It was only a month we never over used it.

I think the problem was because it was such a small amount for such a high price.

Did it work on him; it did to an extent but when you have to use it wisely it could only do so much.

My alternative that crushed Rodan and Fields Soothe cream

So what did I do I decided to go looking around for a cheaper alternative.

One that I could afford and use more on him so I can start to see results.

Make his eczema disappear with only a small budget.

Rodan and fields soothe better alternative

Here I am trying to find a cheaper and better alternative online looking around digging the websites.

Checking the reviews of more and more products. I then stumble upon a cheaper product called Revitol Eczema Cream its ONLY $$ and is twice the size of a Rodan and Fields Soothe bottle!

So what did I do again checked the reviews.

That’s right I gotta know if it will work on my little man.

As a mommy I noticed something Revitol Eczema uses natural ingredients and you can’t go wrong with natural products.

Like Aloe Vera juice and Colloidal Oatmeal, I use that stuff for myself.

So what did I do I went and ordered 3 because from ordering them 3 I only paid $$ for each bottle. I love to save money and this is one area that will help.

What I also had notice it even says a 90-day money back guarantee! Wow Give it to me I said!

The start of a new chapter!

It’s now a new week and its Monday morning.

I get my box of goodies from Revitol.

Am I so excited and happy to see my box full of tubes and not one overpriced small tube with a label on it Rodan and Fields Soothe only 50ml’s for high $$.

What a joke that is.

Pick up the boys from school and day-care ready to show my foster son his new cream we got for him.

He was ready he said and wanted to jump in the bath straight away and put this cream on straight after it!

So got home and got him in the bath all washed and ready. As soon as he got out dried off I got to putting that cream on all over him in his worse places like his arms and back and legs.

I was not worried about using a bit more then usually because I know I have more and one tube is large in itself.

I would like to fast forward my journey with Revitol Eczema Cream and why I had picked that over Rodan and Fields Soothe cream.

After two weeks I noticed a big difference in how my foster boy’s skin was looking. It was clearing up in area’s I thought would take a lot longer such as around his chin, arm pits, legs and hands!

It was clear that Revitol Eczema really works and it goes to show that with their price their stuff is just as good as any other if not better then Rodan and Fields Soothe’s cream.

Here are my foster sons results after only a month of using Revitol Eczema.

Pictures are worth a thousand words.

My son before and after using Revitol

What is my conclusion to all of this?

After testing Rodan and Fields Soothe with Revitol Eczema Cream I found a better result in using Revitol Eczema Cream over R+F Soothe.

Maybe it was because I could only put so much on with worrying about the price tag of buying another one.

Because not every mom can afford that including myself.

It was just way too much for such a result.

When I found out about Revitol and used it on my foster son I could use as much as I wanted and never have to worry about if I would run out or not.

It gave me results in a matter of weeks and improved his health big time for such a small price to pay. I would have to give it to Revitol for this one!

With that Thank you all for reading my review and I hope to see what you all think of it please comment below!

Thanks Jessica

My review of Rodan and Fields Soothe

6 thoughts on “Rodan and Fields Soothe Review: Is it for you?”

  1. Hey, Jessica this was an amazing read and really great review. I loved it so much! I can feel where you are coming from for my first daughter has this same problem 🙁 We been looking everywhere for a product that did not break our bank. Thanks for this and I think I am going to give Revitol Eczema shot!

  2. Hey Jess I found your review while searching the internet myself to help my own son with eczema. I have been looking everywhere and seeing a lot of mix reviews about Rodan and Fields Soothe mostly because of the price tag on it. How do they expect us too keep up with it. Thanks for showing me some light on this.

  3. Lucky you did not buy the full pack I did for my child and we have used it all in the first month, while it said it lasts a few months. They give such a small amount that its not worth it. I am going to give Revitol a try myself now, thanks for your review Jessica.

    • Wow I guess they all only give small amounts. 🙁 Yeah give Revitol a try you will be lucky to spend even a 3rd on it compared to Rodan and Fields Soothe creams. hope it goes well!

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